Our Team

Cynergy Data Texas is a locally owned and operated business. We understand the responsibility we have towards our community to act ethically and professionally, and we give back however we can to that same community that has supported for us nearly twenty years now.

Bill Espinosa

Bill Espinosa grew up in California and started in the merchant services industry there over 20 years ago. He moved to Austin, Texas in 1996 and started his own merchant services company here which eventually became CynergyData Texas in 2002.

His deep knowledge of this industry, together with his high standards of ethics and fairness¬†has enabled CynergyData Texas to become one of the most respected merchant¬†services companies¬†in Texas. It has been profitable every year of its existance while consistantly providing not only the best service, but the most competitive programs of any merchant account provider in the state. And CynergyData Texas’ extremely high level of customer satisfaction has enabled it to have an unsurpassed 95% customer retention rate.

Bill is a devoted family man, and, together with his wife, Wynette, and their two children, Justin and Sarah, have brought the concept of family into everything they do, including his work with CynergyData. He is a firm believer in John Maxwell’s statement that “there is no such thing as ‘business ethics’: you are either ethical in everything you do, or you aren’t.

Prior to being in the merchant services industry, Bill worked in the health club industry, and still likes to work out regularly. He also likes to travel, particularly with his family, and has spent a great deal of time on mission trips to Central and South America. He is currently looking forward to his first missionary trip to Africa later in  in 2011.

His personal¬†Christian beliefs have taught him that service to one’s neighbor is not just a concept, but should be a daily practice, and he is a board member of the Round Rock Servicing Area¬†Center. He is also committed to giving a percentage of all that he makes to local causes, particularly to those who are in need.¬† “Blessings are not just something one has” he says. “They are things one shares, and can only be kept by giving them away.”

Wynette Espinosa
Vice President

Wynette Espinosa was born in Austin, TX, and grew up in Winters, a small town in West Texas. She has been in full-time pastoral ministry for 25 years and, for a time, owned and operated a convenience store in Winters as well. She also toured extensivel in her Christian Rock band.

In 2005, she met Bill Espinosa and, finding that she shared the same commitment to honesty and integrity as him, agreed to join him at CynergyData Texas after they were married.¬†From her time as a¬†merchant in her own convenience store business, Wynette has a deep undestanding of the merchant services industry from the merchant’s point of view, and this is one of the main reasons why CynergyData Texas now has such an impressive reputation for customer service.¬† CynergyData Texas’s customers understand this, and know that Wynette’s door is always open to them to discuss their needs and their problems.

Wynette is also fluent in Spanish, and really enjoys helping our Spanish-speaking customers understand how the credit card business works, and how a good merchant account program can help them bring in more business while saving them money on their processing and other POS coasts. And she believes strongly that a well-informed and educated customer is a good customer.

Wynette is also devoted to her family, and, like Bill, shares his passion for mission work.  She is an avid reader, and has recently returned to her love of music, and composes, sings and plays piano regularly.

Jimmy Horowitz
Director of Operations

Jimmy Horowitz graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Economics and Econometrics from The London School of Economics. For the past 20 years he has worked in the card processing industry in various capacities, apart from a recent 5 year stint as one of the founding partners in Thin-nology LLC, the ground-breaking IT company. Prior to working at Thin-nology, Jimmy had worked with Bill Espinosa at CynergyData Texas in its early days, and he returned to CynergyData Texas because of his respect for Bill Espinosa, and Bill’s committment to honesty and integrity.

He is using his 20 years of experience in the Processing Industry both to work directly with CynergyData Texas customers and prospective customers, as well as use his technology skills to make CyngergyData Texas better known in the wider business environment here in Texas. He is committed to the CynergyData Texas business model of high customer retention rate through unparalled customer service, and highly competitive program structures.

He is an accomplished pianist, composer and music producer and owns and operates a recording studio here in Central Texas.

Monica Alvarado
Office Manager

Monica¬†graduated from¬†Stoney Point, Round Rock and recently graduated from ACC with an Associate’s Degree in Social Work. She has been working at Cynergy Data Texas for a year, and not only runs the office, but also makes it a priority to ensure that each of our customers feel valued and welcome. Monica is fluent in both English and Spanish, loves to travel whenever work permits, and¬†is especially fond of London.

She is a voracious reader, interested in Sociology and Current Events.

Victor Akinbode
Install Technician and Support

Victor is our youngest team member. He was born and raised in Nigeria but emigrated to the US ten years ago. And he is fluent in both English and Yoruba.

His calm and analytic personality has made him especially suited to being our install and technical support person. And he uses his extensive knowlege of both counter-top terminals and virtual terminals to provide our customers with the rapid and accurate support that is needed by any busy merchant.

His hobbies include playing such sports as soccer, football and baseball. But he is also committed to his mission work with his church, which has including mission trips to Europe and South America, as well as Africa. He is currently studying for his degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice at ACC and Texas State University.

Daizy Espinosa

General Dog’sbody

Every office should have someone who is there to welcome visitors and make them feel at home, and Daizy Espinosa is there, day in, day out, with a seemingly bottomless well of affection and good cheer.

Please take time to visit with Daizy when you are here, and talk to her about your merchant services needs and issues. Of course, she is probably more likely to talk to you about her own food needs and issues, but it will still be a useful and interesting conversation, one way or the other. And even if she can’t solve your problems, at least you’ll feel better about them.

Daizy was educated….. somewhere…. and her hobbies include eating, playing with toys and people, sleeping and……. eating.